Residence 2 Residents

Our Services Include:

  • A summary page detailing the key findings
  • Improvement recommendations for conditions.
  • Photos and color illustrations for clarity.
  • A check for manufacturer recalls on appliances
Certified by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors

Home Inspection Products

Home Inspection Services we offer include –

  • Buyer’s Inspections (Pre-Purchase) – Make an informed decision when buying a home.Our Buyers’ Inspection (Pre-Purchase Inspection) provides a clear picture of the condition of the home, and helps you make an informed decision. Knowledge is power!
  • Seller’s Inspections – To help sell your home more quickly, easily and effectively.
  • On-site review – When you’re buying a home with a Residence 2 Residents  Home Inspection provided by the seller, our on-site review familiarizes you with the report and with the home.
  • Inspections for New Homes – A specialized inspection service to help protect your investment, because new homes are different.
  • General Homeowner’s Inspections – When you need to know the condition of your home.